Okayama Univ. Beamline

RLSS takes responsibilities to manage beam line 5 of HiSOR that was constructed by Okayama Univ. One can perform photoemission spectroscopy, absorption spectroscopy, and photoelectron microscopy measurements using monochromatic linear polarized light with 30 - 700 eV energy in order to study electronic structure and micro structure of surface and interface.

This beam line is open for researchers of Okayama Univ. as well as those from other Universities and institutes. In order for outside researches to use this beam line, please contact RLSS stuff (useBL5[at]film.rlss.okayama-u.ac.jp, please change [at] to @).

Proposal applicaiton for joint research on the BL 5 (Okayama University's beamline) at HiSOR (in Hiroshima University)

Information for proposal application(PDF)

Urgent proposal applications (Joint Research B) are being accepted at any time.

Download of proposal application forms (Please use these files.)

More information for proposal application Extension:
7897 (T. Yokoya) or 7898 (Y. Muraoka)