【D-M-Y】 18-04-2017
【Title】 Warm hospitality in Poitiers, FRANCE
【Outline】 In Poitiers, the GSCO delegation was warmly welcomed at a number of top-flight facilities, students and teachers from the University of Poitiers, and schools where they could consider the important issues of international collaboration, such as the requirement to overcome cultural differences, distance, and restricted resources, facing modern researchers. In addition, GSCO members could participate in a science related workshop on the states of matter and a hands-on activity session related to applied mathematics hosted by the Espace Mendes.
Finally, GSCO members were able to act as cultural ambassadors two times; once with the Kendo Club, Poitiers and once with Omotenashi, the Poitiers Franco-Japanese friendship society. While many of the GSCO students were familiar with kendo, only Sakura Ono and Yuki Hada had any experience of practising kendo. The balance of the Japanese participants had the unique opportunity of learning the fundamental movements from their enthusiastic French hosts in a wonderful example of the positive effects of the globalisation of Japanese culture.
During the event with the members of the Omotenashi Franco-Japan friendship society, the GSCO students mixed with members of Omotenashi based on Japanese language level. One group shared calligraphy, another group enjoyed origami, a third group discussed Okayama and its key features, while the final group shared their interest and knowledge of the Japanese language. This was a first chance for GSCO students, who are students following a science-based curriculum in high school to deal first hand with how to share and communicate aspects of Japanese culture.