What is GSC ?

Global Science Campus is a project (2014~2017) funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
・In 2014, Okayama University (O-U) has been selected as a center of education for young researchers (among 8 Universities : Hokkaido U, Tohoku U, Tsukuba U, Tokyo Science U, Keio U, Kyoto U, Okayama U, Kyushu U)

What is the purpose of the program in Okayama ?

logo mark ・The program is called “Science-ahead Global Campus Okayama”.
・The aims are :
1) O-U wishes to be recognised as an educational center for young students including sophisticated high-school ones, expected to become modern and global scientists;

2) To promote talented high-school students in scientific research;

3) To encourage international student mobility.

Structure of 「Global Science Campus at Okayama Univ.」