【D-M-Y】 18-04-2017
【Title】 Warm hospitality in Grenoble, FRANCE
【Outline】 In Grenoble during the latter half of the programme, the GSCO participants were able to meet face-to-face their collaborators during the Virtual Classes held three times from September, 2016. The combined CSIGSCO students were able to finish their final project as either posters or presentations. The posters were shared at ENSE3 with the students and staff there and the presentations were also given at ENSE3.
In addition, GSCO students were able to experience a clean room and do nano@school workshops run by CIME. They also attended a joint project, synchrotron@school, hosted by the European Synchrotron Research Facility (ESRF). CSI and GSCO students were able to work together in combined teams to complete researching various questions and presenting their findings.
The final event was a series of workshops held by the Neel Institute. At the Neel Institute, the GSCO students had an extraordinary chance to complete a number of hands-on experiments as part of the Neel Institute Physiquarium. Many, many of the kind hosts and project leaders remarked favourably on the ideal behaviour and scientific level of the GSCO participants.