【D-M-Y】 01-10-2016
【Title】 The VC conference with CSI
【Outline】 On October 1st, 2016, Hatten course members took part in the first Virtual Classroom (VC) with their counterparts at Cite scolaire internationale de Grenoble (CSI) in Grenoble, France. The Virtual Classroom is a unique and groundbreaking effort to introduce high school students to the collaborative and communicative aspects of modern scientific research. The students were divided into international teams and given a topic related to United Nations World Development goals. The international teams worked on a series of tasks using internet mediated communication tools. Saturday's session ended with each participant giving a short presentation in English on their topic. There are two more Virtual Classrooms scheduled leading to a face-to-face meeting and conference at Grenoble, France in March, 2017. While the technical and administrative aspects of the Virtual Classroom are large and remain large, Okayama University has given its full support to the project as part of its progress in internationalisation.