【D-M-Y】 29-06-2016
【Title】 EU Ambassador was briefed on GSCO
【Outline】 His Excellency’s visit focused upon the research activities of Okayama University related to the European Union. Dr Chenevier outlined how the European Union has played a key role in the international development strategy of Okayama University, such as through recent joint activities like the Horizon2020-MSCA project proposals supported by the European Commission.
Dr Chenevier also emphasized the importance of education in research and the fostering of international student mobility such as through student exchanges and study abroad programs. His Excellency showed particular interest in GSCO and how it is designed to encourage high school students in Okayama and nearby regions to be exposed to university level science education in an international, European environment.
Dr Chenevier spoke for all of the GSCO staff when he said, “We are proud that Okayama University is strongly contributing to the education of the younger generations by initiating them to outstanding international research and stimulating them through intercultural approaches and mutual understanding”.