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科学コミュニケーション [ 第8回・第9回 ]

担当者 千田 健二 非常勤講師
日時・期間 平成27年2月13日(金)16:15 〜 17:45
平成27年2月18日(水)16:15 〜 17:45
場所 理学部本館小会議室,教職員リフレッシュルーム


1. Students will come to an understanding of the principles of intellectual honesty through fiction and recent actual events.
2. Students will gain familiarity with the contributions of Freud to the field of psychiatry.


1. There will be a discussion of “The Three Students” Sherlock Holmes short story as a way of interpreting the events surrounding the RIKEN STAP Cell controversy.

2. There will be a discussion of what made Freud’s ideas so revolutionary and why they were and are still rejected by many in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.