Program Workshop Matsuyama 2017 (12/7-12/8)


Thursday, the 7th of December

9h30: Reception with coffee and tea
10h00-10h10: Introduction by Miwa Sugiura, Jian-Ren Shen and Alain Boussac

10h10-12h10: First session chaired by Miwa Sugiura

  • 10h10-10h40 (25+5): Miwa Sugiura
    New insights in PSII functions from the study of donor side and acceptor side mutants.

  • 10h40-11h00 (15+5):Yuki Takegawa
    Effects of the ligand modification of the ChlD1 on the Photosystem II photochemistry

  • 11h00-11h20 (15+5):Itsuki Takachi
    The binding of herbicides to the different Photosystem II variants.

  • 11h20-11h40 (15+5):Makoto Nakamura
    Structural modifications of Cytb559 and their effects on its redox properties

  • 11h40-12h10 (25+5):Alain Boussac
    The S2 to S3 transition: a key step in the oxygen evolving mechanism + Spectroscopic characterizations of Photosystem II mutants.

12h10-13h00: Lunch
[lunch boxes will be delivered close to the meeting room]

13h00-15h00: Second session chaired by Rainer Hienerwadel

  • 13h00-13h30 (25+5):Lidia Zuccarello
    Study of the Mn4-cluster in the water oxidation process in the very-far infrared domain + study of the different ferredoxins from T. elongatus and from other species.

  • 13h30-14h00 (25+5):Tania Tibiletti
    The low spin to high spin transition in the S2 state: a very-far infrared study at the Synchrotron Soleil + spectroscopic studies of the V185N mutant affecting the water oxidation process.

  • 14h00-14h30 (25+5):Yuki Kato
    FTIR spectroelectrochemical study on the redox potentials of the primary quinone QA and the secondary quinone QB in Photosystem II

  • 14h30-15h00 (25+5):Takumi Noguchi
    Infrared analysis of electron transfer and water oxidation reactions in Photosystem II

15h00-15h30: Coffee break

15h30-17h00: Third session chaired by Alain Boussac

  • 15h30-16h00 (25+5):Hiroshi Isobe.
    Geometric and Electronic Structures of the Mn4CaO5 in the Oxygen-Evolving Complex

  • 16h00-16h30 (25+5):Rainer Hienerwadel
    Spectro-Electrochemistry of hemoproteins with a His/Cys heme axial ligation.

  • 16h30-17h00 (25+5):Catherine Berthomieu
    Better understanding of the structure-properties relationship in engineering metal sites in proteins for the affine and selective binding of lanthanide and actinides.

17h00-17h45: General discussion

18h00: departure for dinner (Yamatoya hotel) including a traditional Noh theater presentation

[Due to our limited budget for the meeting a contribution of 2000 yens/person will be asked for the banquet]


Friday, the 8th of December

8h30: Reception with coffee and tea

9h00-12h00: session chaired by Jian-Ren Shen

  • 9h00-9h30(25+5): Yasufumi Umena
    Mn-oxidation states in PSII

  • 9h30-9h55(20+5): Taiki Motomura
    Structure and properties of Tll0287: a hemo-protein expressed when D1 is PsbA2.

  • 9h55-10h20(20+5): Yoshiki Nakajima
    Structure of a PSII SQDG-deletion mutant: functional implications

  • 10h20-10h50(25+5): Longjiang Yu
    Structure of a RC-LH1 super-complex from a purple sulfur bacterium

  • 10h50-11h10(15+5): Takahiro Kuma
    Structures of PSII with herbicides bound

11h30-13h30: Lunch

13h30-16h00: General discussions

-Analysis of the structure-function relationship of metalloproteins involved in photosynthesis.
-Mechanism of water oxidation.
- Structure-properties relationship of lanthanide and radionuclide binding sites in proteins for remediation.
-New projects to do in collaboration

16h00 : End of the meeting